Of Sunshine and Moonbeams!


”I don’t want to get married,” my parents were sick of this rant of mine.

What else did they expect from me?

The independent and carefree “me” rebelled at the very thought of settling down with someone I barely knew, at the very thought of following stereotyped societal norms, at the very thought of not being able to live my life on my terms, at the very thought of making adjustments to make a relationship work.

That was the strongly opinionated, high on my own horse “me”.


And then I met your father.

Its strange, how love can change a person in seconds. The high horse that I was riding on, came to a screeching halt when my path crossed with your dads. The only thing that I wanted to do after that was get married and spend the rest of my life with him. The events and situations that finally led to our marriage , are a story in themselves, one that I would like to share with you both when you are slightly more grown up.


Marriage brought love and companionship, I got a friend for life in your father. We were living the life of our dreams, almost perfect and absolutely blissful, and then you arrived, our first born, Alankrita. For a while, life seemed disheveled, with tumbled schedules, sleepless nights, baby banter and the pressure to do everything right, to be the perfect parent. Like all phases, that too passed, leaving us both a bit more wiser, which made us better parents when your sister and partner in crime, ‘Mannat” was born

The completeness that I feel now, is of a kind that I never knew existed. The joy that you both have brought in our lives cannot be expressed in words. You are like the sunshine that brightens our day and the moonbeams which soothe the deepest of worries.

My babies, my darlings, my heartbeats…this one is for you both!



Sunshine and moonbeams


Only once, do we fall in love,

I thought, to be true, until I laid eyes on you

Just like an angel, you were, from the heavens above

Mesmerized I was, by your innocent hues


How does one fall for someone, they have never met

I only understood, when I hugged you

With a smile on my face, my eyes were all moist and wet

Love in purest form twas, selfless and true



Like a ray of sunshine, you brightened our world

Our darling daughter, our first born

“Alankrita’, with you, umpteen nascent emotions unfurled

You made me a mother, the best tag I have ever worn


Beautiful, inside and out, like your name

Your smile, your essence, enlivens the gloomiest of days

Every moment precious, blissful, since you came

With you, in you, our happiness, our pride, lays


One look at your angelic face in the morning

Makes me forget the woes and worries that life hurls

I wake up, to take all that comes my way with adrenaline swarming

Eclectic like sunshine, you are, our precious pearl




Only once do we fall in love,

Nay, it’s a lie, I fell head over heels, a third time

When, blessings poured again, from the heavens above

One more time, to the tunes of your coos, my heart did chime


Just when I thought, I couldn’t love any other child

There you were, our little monster, stealing our hearts away

Ma, pa and didi’s imp, we drooled everytime you smiled

In the breeze of your babbles, we all did sway


You soothed our days like the ebony moonbeams

First borns are pampered, but you made us do it all again

“Mannat”, with you, life is like a series of happy dreams

The star of our skies, with ease, on our hearts, you do reign


Sprinkled like moondust, in the house, are your squeals and chatter

Never is a moment dull, with you by our side

Your well being and happiness, is all that does matter

The light of our lives, our hearts gleam from inside


One day, you both will grow wings and fly away

One day, you both will outgrow my lap and chase your dreams

That day, I will be there, to guide you from going astray

That day, I will be there, in spirit and stand by you by all means


Come what may, never give up on what makes you happy

Believe in yourself, and you will achieve whatever you desire

Never let the flame inside you, burn away and go sappy

Soar away, roar away, and you can conquer the world, entire


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The eclipse of doom!

Hand in hand we have been since time immemorial, you and me
A muse for each other, in a celestial unification, you and me

Your charm bedazzles lovers
Your beauty mesmerizes all
Unmatched is your charisma
Unparalleled is your glory
Your essence is unfading
Your quintessence is undying

Our bond is eternal, incomplete without each other, you and me
Since life breathed it’s first, companions we have been, you and me

My womb nurtured humanity
My habitat enabled it’s existence
Beheld was my uniqueness
Like a mother,I was worshipped
My essence was unfading
My quintessence was undying

Alas, for the deeds of my own, no more can we be together, you and me
For in doldrums I am in, pining for each other we will be, you and me

Fruitful was my longing,
For after every eclipse
Waxing and waning you would emerge
Even brighter than before
But the eclipse that has struck me
May never ever be over

Oh, my beloved moon, let’s pray for my recrudescence, you and me
So I find my lost glory, and breath life into the liasion between, you and me

Second chances

Kisses, honeyed as nectar, you showered on me
Bountiful, luxuriant, was my life’s nurturing tree
Oblivious to the world, lost in my own heaven
With your arrival, my happiness did leaven

Amidst all the joy, in hushed undertones
Whispers, digged at my heart, like pointy stones
Worry not, second chances, everyone gets
Try one more time, for sons are the real assets

Dazed, I was, for I could never perceive
Why shouldn’t I be joyous, and instead grieve
The precious gift, the cherry of our eye
Fluttered in our hearts, like a delicate butterfly

Life as we know, is a riddle mystifying
The second chance knocked, with our gaeity amplifying
And boy, the euphoria was larger than before
As I held her again, jubilant tides touched the shore
Second chances could be so blissful, I had no inkling
Ecstatic to the core, with hearts blithe and twinkling
Not one, but two angels had descended
And chosen us as parents, to be cared and tended
Peep into a mothers heart, for in it resides
Love, selfless and pure, crossing all divides
A child, is a child, regardless of the gender
Deserves nothing but love, life’s gift so tender.

All that glitters…

As the train puffed and huffed, in a serpentine drift
Towards a sordid reality, my thoughts did shift
Seething with umpteen, cancer ridden,sick and ailing
The angst, the wrath, the despondency came unveiling
Reminder it was, of promises illusory, of a staggering betrayal
Of dreams devoured and lives shattered, twas a brutal portrayal
In a quest for prosperity and pastures greener
With ruthless actions reflecting a lamebrained demeanour
Mindless we were of the far fetched consequences
Arose the monster of cancer akin to unconquerable fences
Plentiful became the grain reserves, benefaction of the green revolution
Hailed it was, as trailblazing, magnanimous was its contribution
But the ugly face, oblivious to all, hidden for years
Eventually rose it’s head, drowning many houses in bitter tears
Along with abundance, it birthed the gift of misery and disease
Overshadowing the boom, numerous lives did it freeze

As I watch the sinister automobile, nicknamed the cancer train
I figure, the jokes on us, for we lost more than what we did gain
Even now, when the venom has engulfed so many in its fold
Will we ever understand, all that glitters may not be gold

Can we ever have it all

Far away, in a land so alien, as I dwell in my terrestrial nest
With a labyrinth of thoughts, melancholic heartache, I mull at my gains
Cakes and ale, I have them all, shleps along a nebulous unrest

The mother, who birthed me, nurtured me, her entire life in me, did she invest
Now pines to embrace me, anguished I am, by the thought of her absinthal pains
Far away,in a land so alien, as I dwell in my terrestrial nest

The father, who laboured, to provide for me, never halted to rest
Longing to have a glimpse of me, spends the life that remains
Cakes and ale, I have them all, shleps along a nebulous unrest

Achieved I have, what I aspired for, reached the pinnacle of my quest
Jubilant I should be, but imprisoned I feel in contrite’s veiled chains
Far away in a land so alien, as I dwell in my terrestrial nest

Have I failed as their child, the dilemma weighs profoundly on my chest
To run amok in my childhood home, dreams the blob of my ephemeral grains
Cakes and ale, I have them all, shleps along a nebulous unrest

But then, I tranquilize myself, for everything happens at destiny’s behest
Can we ever have it all, nay, to my heart, my intellect explains
Far away in a land so alien, as I dwell in my terrestrial nest
Cakes and ale, I have them all, shleps along a nebulous unrest

A new world.

Enchained in the shackles
Of age old traditions and norms
Devoured by passe, archaic jackals
Smothered were the emotional storms

Time and again, was I, humiliated
Shunned, despised was my identity
Happiness truncated
Treated, I was, like a worthless entity

Scores, of years, passed by
In the struggle for my rights, my legitimate due
Lives lost, wishes garrotted, stolen was my sky
Exasperated, my strife akin to an endless queue

But, never did I let go
Of the thread of hope, of optimism
Full, to the brim was my grind’s cargo
High time it was, to squelch the inane fascism

Heralding a new world,
Finally, the law recognized my existence
New beginnings were unfurled
Umpteen were joyous, a handful showed resistance

It may still be a long road ahead
But, at the end of the tunnel, I do see light
With Article 377 in my stead
Soar my dreams, with visions of a future bright

How do I bid farewell!

Love is blind, it really is,
When I met him, it was like deja Vu
Life seemed like bliss
Drenched, I was, in an enraptured hue
With dreams of a future blithe
Consumed was my mind
Swimming, wandering like an eel lithe
With thoughts towards him inclined
Immersed I was to the top
In a fantasy world of mine, did I hop
Eyes, that couldn’t see beyond him
Ears, that couldn’t hear but him
Such was the euphoria
Smitten, mesmerized, I couldn’t look beyond him

Overwhelmed was everyone’s heart, with gaeity
Joyous were all, for the new beginning
Showered were wishes, blessings of prosperity
Ready I was, ecstatic for the new innings
Amongst all the fanfare
The rituals and customs, the realization hit me
A brutal truth, in my face, did glare
Harsh, cruel, merciless, summoning my glee
Embroiled in a turmoil, nerve-racking
Leaving me clueless, dismayed
Along with the joy, enmeshed was a pain cracking
The pain of saying goodbye, swept me off, in agony, I, swayed

How do I bid farewell to you, O, mother
For you forgot yourself, for raising me well
For your own happiness, you never did bother
For in your heart, I always did dwell
How do I bid farewell to you, O, father
For you toiled, to provide the best for me
For, what I wished for, with love you did gather
For, enslaved by my love, you never yearned to be free

At the threshold of a new life, with dreamy eyes
I stand, overwrought with emotion,with gratitude
Never, can I bid farewell to you both, my heart so cries
For, in the nooks of my existence, you will eternally be glued

Who am I?

Who am I, is a question I frequently dwell upon
A bit of inquest, and, an array of thoughts come swarming by
A daughter, a wife and a mother, myriad roles life brings on
Tried, I have always to give my best, dared to touch the sky
Some days I am triumphant, some days I stumble, I falter
The good ones, reaffirm my faith in myself, that I am doing it right
Whilst, the lousy ones, pave the roads for betterment, give me the power to alter
Either ways, I take on everything in my stride and rise with all my might

In the hustle and bustle of life, I mull about what substance makes me
On my toes I am, the entire day, and still I make time for myself
As I know, that my own joy will water the roots of the responsibility tree
For like everyone else, there is one life I have, to live for myself
Spine I have, to take a stand, to fight for what is rightfully mine
Loved are my children, my family from the depths of my heart
“I love you,” I tell them often, they are the pillars of my shrine
But “I love me more,” is what matters most, it keeps me from falling apart

The colour brown

This is the tale of the lugubrious color brown
Sardonic is it’s narrative, in a wave of dolor makes you drown.
As I ponder, as I dig deep, the dhoti clad man appears in my thoughts
Liberalizing, inspiring is his story, unties all the hidden knots
They threw him out of the train, he was a man of color they said
Deplorable was his existence,robbed was his dignity to the last thread
Treated like dogs, those men of color, were denied access to places fancy
Slogged as slaves, sold as objects, worthless was their entity

He couldn’t fathom why,

Wasn’t the blood and flesh they were made of, the same
Wasn’t the color of the soil, that fed all the hungry mouths, the same
Wasn’t, the mother of all, mother Earth, of the colour brown
Wasn’t the entire cosmos, an outcome of building blocks of the colour brown

And when he couldn’t figure out why

He challenged them all, all those who thought the color brown was a bane
Umpteen joined him
Revolution it was, ushering in a renaissance
Soaring were the guts and guile, he possessed
Staunch was the determination, the strength of character
Finally, triumphant he was
Harbinger of a reformed world, a world sans discrimination, a world equal for all.

Look within…

Thronged are the streets with voices,sounds and uproar
Abuzz with action, bustling with folks, oh! what furore
Fleeting is the pace of routine life, catching a breath seems operose
And amongst all the brouhaha, there is me, seeking tranquility’s dose
Hither and yon, I meandered, frantically, like an odd ball
I looked here, I peeped there, for a dollop of peace, I did call
Ransacking all places, leaving none of the known venues
Buy, nay, all it did was hem and haw, phantom is it’s tenue
Weary, tired, disillusioned, as I sat with my head bowed down
Those squeals, those giggles, caught my fancy, I forgot my frown
Gazing at her, I pondered, what is it that makes her so jubliant
How is she happy with herself, whilst I am, stuck in my own rant
Forgetting my banter, I rose, and joined her in the frolic
Just moments, it took, to leap out of the dumps, I swayed like an alcoholic
And, just like that, I gathered, the peace for which I was searching
Was nowhere, but within me, in my inner child it was perching
And so I vowed, to never let go, of the liasion of myself with me
Never, will I have to look for peace, for it resides only in me